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Massage Expectations & Procedures

Your Comfort is My Goal

I encourage open communication with my clients to be able to make them as comfortable as possible.  The client's specific needs for the session are discussed for a few minutes prior to the onset of the massage. This allows me to tailor each massage by giving special attention these areas.  Please inform me of any discomfort whether it is the amount of pressure, temperature, aroma, or any other thing that is making you uncomfortable.

My Mission:

To provide a relaxing high quality therapeutic massage tailored to meet the needs for each client.


Sheet draping.jpg

I keep my practice professional by maintaining proper draping at all times which is required by law.  A sheet is typically used for draping during most of my massages.  However a small towel may be requested to be used instead of the sheet by the client to meet your preferences.



On my intake form, I ask for you to indicate an approximate pressure tolerance ranging from light, firm to deep.  Sometimes you are unsure of the amount of pressure you like because the amount of pressure is objective from people to people, the amount of pressure can vary from one body area to another, and the amount of pressure can also vary from session to session.  This question just gives me an idea of your pressure preferences.  Anytime the pressure becomes too uncomfortable, please clearly inform me.



In our discussion prior to the session, I ask for you to indicate an approximate temperature tolerance especially when using the Hot Stone Therapy.  Anytime the temperature becomes too uncomfortable (hot or cold), please clearly inform me. This also includes the temperature of the room, table, and warm moist towels.

Warm Moist Towels

massage oils.jpg

I like to use extra touches such as warm moist towels as heat therapy to enhance your relaxation, soothe your sore muscles, and open your sinuses.  These may be placed on the neck, face, chest, back, and/or feet as time allows during an hour massages or longer.  Not all people are comfortable with objects on their face. If this is the case, the towels can be placed on other areas, or eliminated all together.  Please clearly inform me if you are uncomfortable with the temperature or placement of the towels.

Table Massage Disrobing


I am often asked by my clients how much of their clothing do they need to remove.  The answer depends on the type of massage required to address your specific needs. Foremost, I encourage my client's to only undress to their comfort level.  However, for the best overall body massage experience, totally undressing allows my therapy to have free movement over the soft body tissues, so that it is not hindered from clothing. Professional draping is used and important for that reason.  In the case of only working on the upper body, then it would be suitable to leave on your lower clothing.

Chair Massage Disrobing


Clients remain clothed during a chair massage that is off-site and most remain clothed in my office as well.  However, in my office, a few clients choose to remove their tops so I am not obstructed during the massage. In this case, a towel is used to cover the front of your body.

You will enjoy my individual attention to your healthcare. 
Call me to find out more about my unique approach or book your visit today.

Expectations: Services

Music Choices

Relaxing instrumental music of various genres are played for your pleasure.

You may request a different instrumental playlist.

Just choose from the multiple genre playlists available:

  • Christian Contemporary

  • Easy Listening Chill Music

  • Easy Listening (Pop & Love Songs)

  • Harp Ballads

  • Holiday (Christmas)

  • Hymns

  • Irish 

  • Meditation

  • Nature Sounds

  • Ocean/Water Waves

  • Peaceful Piano

  • Relaxing Classical

  • Relaxing Spa

  • Request Something Specific

Expectations: Welcome
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