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The Best Massage I Ever Had ...

Testimonials: Testimonials

I went to see Vana for a shoulder injury, as a last resort before going to the doctor for pain meds and muscle relaxers.  I'm not a person who thinks getting a massage is a luxury. I dont't like strangers touching me and the idea of a massage kind of creeped me out.  Vana made me feel completely comfortable and spent a lot of time on my shoulder, which helped a lot.  She was interested in my medical needs.  I'm now 90% back to normal and won't visit the doctor anytime soon.  Her prices are very reasonable also.

Audrey S

All I can say is Vana gives the best massages, ever. You can try others but you will always come back. It is just that simple. Comfort cove has a great set up.  I can't imagine going to a chain for massages. You can set up appointments on her website or call to get in. I love the hot towel around the neck at the end. I have a hard time getting up, I just want to lay there on the table

Miriam N.

An excellent therapeutic session!  Since massage types vary considerably, a brief explanation of each type of pressure is the context of Comfort Cove techniques would be helpful (Light, Firm, Deep).

M. G.

Best massage I have ever had!

Kendee S.

Keep up the GREAT work!

Martha G.

Great experience, can't wait to go back.

David G

I enjoyed it very much.

Debbie R.

Good massage.

Dan W.

I give her 5 stars!

Nicole G.

Vana's work is truly awesome.  She's very knowledgeable, skilled and kind.  I strongly recommend her.

Christie C.

Vana is wonderful! She goes the extra mile to work out areas that need attention.  Vana loves what she does and wants to help you feel amazing,

Jenni H.

Very good massage. Nice extra touches; the stretching, the towels and working on those spots was very nice.

Paula B.

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